Persons in alphabetical order by last name P


Anna Pagan

Vocals on Harry Belafonte's concert 1969 at O'Keefe Center

John Paine

Member of The Brothers Four

Gert Palmcrantz

Engineer on Sivuca's album SNTF978

Glover Parham

Vocals on Harry Belafonte's 1981 European Tour

Chris Parker

bilder/drums.gif (2280 bytes)
Drums on Harry Belafonte's album CB85254

Bernie Parks

Member of The Norman Luboff Choir 1955, performs on Harry Belafonte's recording of"Sylvie"

Tony Parris

Member of The Norman Luboff Choir 1955, performs on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "In That Great Gettin' Up Mornin',  "Jump Down, Spin Around", "Noah", "Sylvie", "Take My Mother Home"

Tom Parshley

Clarinet on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Gomen Nasai", "Pretty As A Rainbow", "Springfiled Mountain", "Suzanne #1", flute on "Acorn In The Meadow", "Hold'em Joe", "I'm Just A Country Boy",

Tom Paxton
(31 Oct 1937 - )

Tom started performing in Greenwich Village in 1960, and his songs were recorded by other people at first (such as "Marvelous Toy", "Going to the Zoo",  "Hold On To Me Babe" and "I Can’t Help But Wonder Where I’m Bound"). He made his first album in 1965, the first of seven for Elektra. Some of his most enduring songs are "Last Thing On My Mind", "What Did You Learn in School Today?", "Bottle of Wine", "Did You Know John Hurt?" and "Ramblin’ Boy". His topical songs (criticizing the government, the Vietnam war, war in general, etc.) are particularly well-written. He has always been very popular in England and said that his British career was ahead of his American one.

Victor Paz

Trumpet on Harry Belafonte's album "Paradise In Gazankulu".

Mark Pearson

Member of The Brothers Four 1969-1971, 1989 - present

William Penn

Vocals on Harry Belafonte's 1979 European Tour

Romeo Penque

Clarinet on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Kukla-Mu", "Matilda #2", "Venezuela #2"

Fernando Pereira

Drums and percussion on Sivuca's album SNTF978

Ted Perlman

Plays guitar and harmonica. Appeared on Harry Belafonte's album Turn The World Around and on the 1976, 1977 and 1978 tours. Married to Peggi Blu, a well known recording artist. Co-produced and engineered the new "Chicago 26 - Live On Tour" by the legendary band "Chicago". The album was released October 20, 1999. Also produced the title song "All Roads Lead To You" for the New Jean-Claude Van Damme film "Desert Heart". Music by Bill Conte, Lyrics by Paul Williams. Ted has also worked on - "Paradise" - that just went gold in the UK (2001), and also with the Russian super group "Na-Na". Check Peggy Blu's website here!

N. Perrito

Accordeon on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "A Roving", "Chimney Smoke"

Rune Persson

Engineer and mixing on Sivuca's album SNTF978

Broc Peters

Vocal chorus on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Angelique-O", "Cocoanut Woman", "Cordelia Brown", "Day-O #1", "Don't Ever Love Me", "Haiti Cherie", "Hosanna", "Island in the Sun", "Jack-Ass Song", "Mama Look A Bo Bo", "Scratch, Scratch", "Star-O", "Will His Love Be Like His Rum". Chorus leader on LPM1248
Also guest performer in Mission: Impossible  #34

Bernice Petkere
(11 Aug 1901 - 7 Jan 2000)

Composer of "Close Your Eyes"

Kelly Petlane

Flute on Miriam Makeba's album "Reflections"

George Petsilas
(23 April 1919 - 17 Dec 1996)

Guitar and Bouzouki. Appears with Nana Mouskouri on LSP3415.

Randy Peyton

Vocals, appears on Harry Belafonte's album "Turn the World Around"

Ferman Phillips

An American black actor who, together with William Attaway helped Belafonte when he opened a restaurant, The Sage in 1951.

Phoenix Singers

phoenixs.jpg (8321 bytes)
A group of three singers originating from The Belafonte Folk Singers. The members were Roy Thompson, Arthur Williams and Ned Wright. Their discography can be found HERE

Jon Pickow

Member of the DeCormier Singers in 1977 and the Norman Luboff Choir. Also assistant to Norman Luboff for a period.

Katheryn Pickrel

Member of The Norman Luboff Choir.

Geoffrey Pike

Member of The Limeliters

Jean-Michel Pilc
(1960 - )

Keyboard. Comes from France. Jazz musician. Appeared with Harry Belafonte on the 1998 European Tour.  Solo album "Together Live At Sweet Basil"

Shunmugan Pillay

Composer of: "Marching To The Fair", 

Richard Pindle

Member of The Belafonte Folk Singers in 1967.

Leopoldo Pineda

Trombone, appears on Harry Belafonte's album "Turn the World Around"

Jack Pleis

Piano on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Gomen Nasai", "Kukla-Mu", "Springfiled Mountain", "Suzanne #1", "Venezuela #2", Producer LSP4255, LSP4301, LSP4521

Melanie Po

Vocalist on Harry Belafonte's 2003 European tour.

Art Podell

Member of The New Christy Minstrels

Lennie Pogan

Performs on the album "The Long Road To Freedom"

Sidney Poitier
(20 feb 1927 - 6 jan 2022)

Performs in the movies "Buck And The Preacher" and "Uptown Saturday Night"

Raoul Poliakin

Violin on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Delia", "Soldier, Soldier", "The Drummer And The Cook #1", "The Fox",

Janet Pollitt

Member of The Norman Luboff Choir.

Thelmo M. Porto "Portinho"

Percussionist on Harry Belafonte's 1977 European Tour. Appears on the album "Turn the World Around"

Paul Potash

Member of The New Christy Minstrels

Tommy Potter
(21 Sept 1918 - 1 March 1988)

Guitar on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "The Night Has A 1000 Eyes"

Edward Powell

Clarinet on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Gomen Nasai", "Hava Nageela #2", "Springfiled Mountain", "Suzanne #1", Saxophone on "When The Saints Go Marching In"

Robert Pownall

Tuba on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "The Blues is Man 1", "The Blues is Man 2"

Carl Prager

Clarinet on Harry Belafonte's recordings of "Kukla-Mu", "Matilda #1","Venezuela #2"

John Pratt

johnpratt.jpg (5799 bytes)
Worked with The Belafonte Folk Singers around 1960. Married to Catherine Dunham.

Paul Prestopino
(20 sep 1939 - 16 jul 2023)

Paul Prestopino has been playing music almost all his life, there exists a home recording of him at age 3, sitting at the piano and singing "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor" while playing an honest-to-goodness minor chord as accompaniment. He got a harmonica at age 4, a guitar at age 9, a banjo at 11; and a mandolin, Dobro, recorder, tenor banjo, electric bass, electric lap steel, etc., have been added as they became needed. Originally headed in the direction of Physics, or the accompanying technology, he suddenly found himself snatched from his job at the University of Wisconsin's High Energy Physics Lab by an offer from the Chad Mitchell Trio. This was around 1961, and, seven years later, when the group disbanded, he fell into the recording business; the logical confluence of his technical and musical interests. Today he is the technical third of the three-man team aboard the award-winning Record Plant Remote truck, a lot of which he designed and built. He continues to play music,  both professionally and avocationally, and particularly enjoys playing for Contra and English Country dances. He has been a member of the dance band Hold The Mustard since before it even had a name, and has performed and recorded with numerous folk and pop artists. With (Chad) Mitchell Trio on their albums KS3313, SR60891, SR60944, SR60992, SR61049, SR61067, RS6258,

Falumi Prince
(March 28, 1949 - 1996)

falumi.jpg (5289 bytes)
Born in Ghana, West Africa, Vocals and percussion on Harry Belafonte's album R4P5054 and CB86045. Also on the 1976 and 1979 European Tour.

Valentine Pringle
(1936 - Dec 13, 1999)

Composer of: "Louise". Performs on the album "The Long Road To Freedom", and two solo albums.

Richard Pryor
(1 Dec 1940 - 10 Dec 2005)

Performs in the movie "Uptown Saturday Night"

Mike Pugh

Member of The Chad Mitchell Trio together with Chad Mitchell and Mike Kobluk. Was replaced by Joe Frazier 1960.


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