The Belafonte Folk Singers

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The Belafonte Folk Singers was not a choir, it was about twelve soloists forming a group. This group of singers and musicians conducted by Robert DeCormier was founded in 1957 to follow Harry Belafonte along the tours. They were very successful and talented and they made three records on their own. They can also be heard on a number of other recordings with Harry Belafonte. Some of the members formed later part of:
DeCormier Singers
Phoenix Singers and
Seafarers Chorus

The members varied a little bit, but I have found the following to have been participating over the years: Names in italic has a short biography. Earl Baker, Kenneth Bates, Harry Bessinger, Laurence Bogue, Ray Boguslav, Charles Coleman, Tim Conn, Joseph Crawford, Leslie Dorsey, James Eby, Jack Eddleman, Ken Emery, Cortez Franklin, Andrew Frierson, Scott Gibson, Joli Gonsalves, George Goodman, Milton Grayson, Bob Harter, Tom HeadRobert Henson, James Herald, Noah Hopkins, Garrett Morris, John Nielsen, Milt Okun, Richard Pindle, Walter Raim, Earl Rogers, Glenn Rowen, Charles H. Scott Jr., Sherman Sneed, Arman Stephanian, Billy Stewart, Millard Thomas, Roy Thompson, Paul Westbrook, John Wheeler, Arthur Williams and Ned Wright

Presenting The Belafonte Folk Singers Audio clips available LPM1760


Cheers - Drinking Songs Around The World Audio clips available LPM1992

1961 At Home And Abroad Audio clips available LPM2309


At Home and Abroad Audio clips available 3AE3446
45 rpm

Some other albums on which they perform:

1960 My Lord What A Mornin' Audio clips available LSP2022

1960 Swing Dat Hammer Audio clips available LPM2194

1960 Miriam Makeba Audio clips available LSP2267

1960 Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall Audio clips available LSO6007

1963 The World Of Miriam Makeba Audio clips available LSP2750

1965 An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba Audio clips available LSP3420

Albums by some of the members:
195. The Millard Thomas Group Audio clips available LSP1551

1960 Seafarers Chorus Audio clips available EKS7182

Albums with Ray Boguslav HERE


The Bob Harter Songbag Audio clips available LST7330

Albums with Walter Raim HERE


Roy Thompson - Ambassador RLP-8029