Belafonte - Concert In Japan

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LP stereo RCA 9101/9102 (Japan)
LP stereo RCA NL45404 (Germany)
LP Quadradisc RCA R4P5054/55 (Japan)

Recorded live March 1974 at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, Tokyo.
Musical Director/Conductor: John Cartwright
Sivuca, piano, accordion, guitar, organ
Mervin Bronson, bass guitar, 
Scott Kuney, guitar, koto, bouzouki, 
William Fontaine, guitar, 
Michael Tobas, drums, 
Angel Allende, percussion, 
Falumi Prince, vocals, percussion. 
Background vocals:
Diane Green, Barbara YoungPatricia Rosalia, Arthur Williams, Clark Salonis and Michael Sabbarese.

A1 Roll On Buddy # 3:00
A2 Old Time Feeling # 5:44
A3 John Henry # 4:03
A4 We Had It All # 3:59
B1 Empty Chairs # 5:31
B2 Mr. Bojangles # 6:03
B3 Marching To The Fair # 5:32
C1 Erene (Irene) 4:00
C2a Don't Stop The Carnival # 15:33  
C2b Jean & Dinah    
C2c Mama Look A Boo Boo #    
C2d Jump In The Line #    
C2e Marianne    
C2f Sly Mangoose #    
C2g Zombie Jamboree #    
C2h Man Piaba #    
C2i Don't Stop The Carnival #    
D1 Jamaica Farewell # 4:30
D2 Sakura # 4:48
D3 Day O # 2:27
D4 Matilda # 5:21
D5 Don't Stop The Carnival