Acorn In The Meadow

Words and Music by : Richard Adler-Jerry Ross

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Jan 4, 1954 (14:00-18:00)
Master number: E4VB 2805-C
Playing time: 2:41
Producer: Joe Carlton
Hugo Winterhalter: leader; H. Ross: contractor; Millard Thomas: guitar; Arnold Fishkin: bass; Nathan Foodman: drums; William Rodriguez: drums; Buster Davis: piano, Thomas Parshley: flute: Edwin Brown: oboe; Clifford Heather: trombone; Lou McGarity: trombone; Donald Lipsey: trumpet; R. D. McMickle: trumpet; Charles Margulis: trumpet; Maurice Bialkin: cello; Martin Lake: cello; Sidney Brecher: viola; John DiJanni: viola; Felix Buldrini: violin; Harry Glickman: violin; Jasha Herzog: violin; Harry Melnikoff: violin; Felix Orlewitz: violin; Julius Schacter: violin; Ray Charles, Jack Brown, Murray Kane, Mel Larned, Edwin Lindstroem, Earl Rogers and Alan Sokoloff: vocal chorus.

78 : 20-5722
45 : 47-5722, SPD-24, RCX-119
LP:  LPM-1505(Argentina)  MP666001, 32001,
CD: BCD16262, GSS5336, GSS5381, 8.120799,


Acorn in the meadow,
Meadow filled with sun
Sun is shining warm on the meadow
Tree begun
Baby in the cradle,
Cradle filled with love
Mama smiling warm on the cradle from above

Someday my baby be a giant man
Trees stretch clear up to the sky
Me all rest in the shade of it
Rest in the roots when I die
Oh Lord I pray you help me
Help me make him good
Never make me sorry that he was born
I can see it me in the shade of the acorn tree
He and his woman sitting side of me
And maybe my baby with an acorn of his own