Violets Of Dawn

LP mono Mercury MG21067
LP stereo Mercury SR61067
On CD as part of CCM374-2
Musical director: Milt Okun
Guitar: Jacob Ander and John Denver
Banjo and guitar: Paul Prestopino
Bass: Bill Lee

A1 Violets Of Dawn # 2:22
A2 Another Side Of This Life # 2:13
A3 Your Friendly, Liberal, Neighborhood Ku-Klux-Klan # 3:40
A4 We Didn't Know # 2:50
A5 One Time And One Time Only # 2:47
A6 Bells Of Rhymney 4:51
B1 The Sound Of Protest (Has Begun To Pay) 2:40
B2 Rabbit 2:22
B3 Business Goes On As Usual 1:42
B4 For Bobbi 2:18
B5 Talking Football 2:22
B6 Peat Bog Soldiers # 3:05