The Limeliters

Along with the Kingston Trio, the Limeliters were one of the most successful folk groups of the early 1960s, a time when the folk music revival was in itself a sort of backlash against the anti-establishment rock & roll generation. The original group consisted of Glenn Yarbrough, vocal and guitar (b.1930), Lou Gottlieb, vocal and bass (1923-1996), and Alex Hassilev, vocal, guitar, and banjo (b.1932). ...MORE...

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Personnel history:
Lou Gottlieb - bass, vocals (baritone) - (1959-1996)
Alex Hassilev - guitar, banjo, vocals (bass) (1959-2006)
Glenn Yarbrough - guitar, vocals (tenor) (1959-1976)
Ernie Sheldon - vocals (tenor) (1963-1965)
Red Grammer - guitar, vocal (tenor) - (1981-1991)
Rick Dougherty - guitar, vocals (tenor) - (1991-2003)
Bill Zorn - banjo, vocals - (1996-2003)
John David - guitars, banjo, mandolin, dobro, harmonica (1981-1994)
Mack Bailey - guitar, banjo, vocals (tenor) (2004 - present)
Andy Corwin - bass, vocals (baritone, bass) (2004 - present)
Gaylan Taylor - guitar, vocals (baritone) (2006 - present)

Another interesting site is Tribute to the Limeliters by Harold Wood


Updated: 24 mar 2023

Original recordings
The Limeliters EKL180

Tonight In Person LSP2272

Slightly Fabolous LSP2393

Sing Out LSP2445

1962 Children's Eyes LSP2512

1962 Folk Matinee LSP2547

1963 Makin' A Joyful Noise LSP2588

1962 Our Men In San Francisco LSP2609

1963 14 14K Songs LSP2671

1964 More Of Everything LSP2844

1964 Leave It To The Limeliters LSP2906

1964 London Concert LSP2907

1965 Look At Love In Depth LSP3385

1968 Time To Gether Seeds WS1762

1976 Limeliters Reunion Vol. 1 BDR2201

1976 Limeliters Reunion Vol. 2 BDR2202

1977 Pure Gold ANL1-2336

1985 Alive In Concert Vol.1 WK-1001

1985 Alive In Concert Vol.2 WK-1002

1987 Harmony FE2056

1989 Singin' For The Fun WK-1010

1991 Joy Across The Land WK-1012

2000 Until We Get It Right GNPD2266

2004 Live In Paradise  
Compilation albums and Reissues
1964 Best Of The Limeliters LSP2889

1968 Those Were The Days
(Partial re-issue of LSP2547)

Tonight In Person (re-issue)

1991 Alive! In Concert (vol 1+2) GNPD2188

1996 Slightly Fabulous
Sing Out

1997 36 All-Time Greatest Hits DRC3-1832

2000 The Complete RCA Singles Collection DRC1-2407

2000 Our Men In San Francisco/
London Concert