An Evening With Belafonte/Mouskouri

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LP mono   RCA LPM3415
LP stereo RCA LSP3415
LP stereo RCA LSA3031
LP stereo RCA SKLG-20009 (Greece)
LP RCA 740.620 (France)
LP Victor SHP5532
LP Yugotone: LPSV-RCA-70428

Reel to reel: TP3-5002

CD RCA ND89844

Bouzouki & guitar: Ernie Calabria, George Petsilas, Guitar: Jay Berliner, Bass violin: John Cartwright, Percussion: Percy Brice, Ralph MacDonald

A1 My Moon (Fengari Moo) Harry Belafonte 2:57
A2 Dream (Oneero) Nana Mouskouri  2:33  
A3 If You Are Thirsty (Kean Tha Depsasees) HB/NM 3:22
A4 The Train (To Traino) NM 3:10  
A5 In The Small Boat (Mes Tin Varka) HB 3:10
B1 The Town Crier (Telalees) NM 2:08  
B2 Walking On The Moon  # (Pame Mia Volta) HB 3:30
B3 The Baby Snake (Feedakee) NM 3:12  
B4 The Wide Sea  # (Thalassa Platia) HB 2:38
B5 Irene (Erene) HB/NM 2:33

LSA3031 front

LSA3031 back

740.620 front

740.620 back