Close Your Eyes

Words and Music by :  Bernice Petkere

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: July 19, 1949
Master number: 4267-3
Playing time: 2:27
Producer Monte Kay
Pete Rugolo and his orchestra

78 : 57-70039
45 : EAP1-619, 45-CL14312
CD: BCD16262, 32303, GSS5336, 7842, PLATCD-759,  GSS-5381,


Close your eyes
Rest your head on my shoulder and sleep
Close your eyes 
And I will close mine
Close your eyes 
Let's pretend that we're both counting sheep
Close your eyes
Oh this is divine

Music play something dreamy for dancing
While we're here romancing it's love's holiday
And love will be our guide
Close your eyes
When you open them dear
I'll be near by your side
So won't you close your eyes