Blowin' In The Wind

LP stereo Kapp KS3313
CD: Folk Era FE3313CD
Produced by: Bob Bollard
Direction and arrangements: Milt Okun
Guitar: Paul Prestopino, Jacob Ander and Bruce Langhorne.
Bass: Norman Keenan
Recording Engineer: Ernest Oelrich
A production of Belafonte Enterprises Inc.

A1 Leave Me If You Want To  
A2 Green Grow The Lilacs #  
A3 The Story Of Alice - Part 1 #  
A4 The Ides Of Texas  
A5 Alice Revisited    
A6 The Ballad Of The Greenland Whalers #  
A7 Alice: Sequel    
B1 Blowing In The Wind #  
B2 Adios Mi Corazon #  
B3 Run Run Run  
B4 My Guitar  
B5 Me Voy Pa Bete  
B6 One Day When I Was Lost