Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me)

Words and Music by :  Dr. Benedict Mayers - Raymond Hatton

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Feb 6, 1953 (14:00-17:00)
Master number: E3VB 0543D
Playing time: 2:29
Producer:  Dave Kapp
Henri Rene: leader; H. Melnikoff: contractor; Millard Thomas: guitar; Jack Lesberg: bass; Edwin Shawker: drums; Jack Pleis: piano, Myor Rosen: harp; Tom Parshley: clarinet: Edward Powell: clarinet; Milton Yaner: clarinet; Arnold Eidus: violin; Milton Lomas: violin; Tosha Samaroff: violin; Unidentified mixed  chorus.

78 : 20-5210
45 : 47-5210
LP : PL43683
CD: BCD16262, 07863-58555-2, 07863-67403-2, 74321-78948-2, 07863-68097-2, 82876-59069-2, GSS-5381,


Gomen nasai I'm so sorry gomen nasai
I am so sorry I made you cry
Won't you forgive me dear
Goman nasai nights have been lonely
My days are blue, because I made a fool of you
Won't you forgive me dear

My butterfly heart has brought you pain
Won't you forgive won't you forget
Let's be sweethearts again

Goman nasai nights would be heaven
Love fill my days
If you'd believe me when I say
I love you gomen nasai
I love you gomen nasai
I love you gomen nasai