The Night Has A 1000 Eyes

Words and Music by :  Buddy Bernier - Jerry Brainin

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: prob. August 1950
Master number: JR4444
Playing time: 2:46
Producer Jack Rollins
Arranger: Fred Norman
Jimmy Raney: Guitar; Tommy Potter: Bass; Al Haig: Piano; Zoot Sims: tenor saxophone.

78 : Jubile 5035
LP : CXS-115, DEA1018, OX-3012, UTS-154
CD: BCD16262, 32303, GSS5336, 7843, PLATCD-759,

Also recorded by:
Johnny Mann Singers - LRP3021


Don't whisper things to me you don't mean
For words down deep inside can be seen by the night
The night has a 1000 eyes
And it knows a truthful heart from one that lies

Though romance may have called in the past
My love for you will be everlasting and bright
As bright as the starlit skies
And this wondrous night that has a 1000 eyes

I've live my life walking thru a dream
For I knew that I would find this moment supreme
A night of bliss and tender sighs
And the smiling dawn of a 1000 eyes
The night has a 1000 eyes