Will His Love Be Like His Rum

Words and Music by :  Harry Belafonte - William Attaway

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Oct 19, 1955 (14:00-18:00)
Recorded at Webster Hall, New York City.
Master number: F2PB 7369-9
Playing time: 2:33
Producer: Joe Reisman
Tony Scott: leader; Millard Thomas: guitar/contractor; Milton Hinton: bass; Alexander Cambrelen: conga drums; Mario Castillo: conga drums; Osie Johnson: drums; Herbert Levy: whistle; Lord Burgess, Miriam Burton, Charles Colman, Bill Dillard, George Fisher, J. Hamilton Grandison, Charlotte Holloman, Joseph Lewis, Broc Peters, Sherman Sneed, Herbert Stubbs, Margaret Tynes, John White and Gloria Wynder: vocal chorus.

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LP : LPM1248, PJL1-8103, PL42189, CL83801
Tape: BP-48, P8S-1982, PK-1982
CD: PDC2-1295, 53801-2, B93001, CD12505, CD66115, PD89796, BCD16262, RGMCD006


Will his love be like his rum,
Yes it will, yes it will,
Intoxicating all night long,
Yes it will, yes it will, everybody,

Drink, drink this toast,
Drink this wedding toast,
Drink oh drink this toast,
To the two we love the most,

Did he wed her in the spring,
Yes he did, yes he did,
Did he give her finger ring,
Yes he did, yes he did,

Will her cooking be the best,
Yes it will, yes it will,
Make his belly split his best,
Yes it will, yes it will,

Will she be a perfect wife,
Yes she will, yes she will,
Make him work hard all his life,
Yes she will, yes she will,

Will we dance and sing all night-a,
Yes we will, yes we will,
Eat up ev’rything inside,
Yes we will, yes we will