Chad Mitchell and The Chad Mitchell Trio

Joe Frazier               Mike Kobluk                 Chad Mitchell

Back in the early '60s, the Chad Mitchell Trio was one of the top singing attractions on the campus and club folk circuit, rivaling for a time their somewhat more well established competitors the Kingston Trio and 1960s newcomers Peter, Paul and Mary. And but for a mistake in judgment by their record label, they might have been one of the most enduring 1960s folk trios.
"They don't sound like anybody else. I like that. They lay out a blanket and every song is a picnic"
-- Warren Nelson, Wisconsin Public Radio

Joe Frazier passed away on March 28, 2014.
We mourn his passing and celebrate his life.
He will always be with us in our hearts.

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Updated : mars 24, 2023

Original recordings with
 Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk and Mike Pugh

1959 The Chad Mitchell Trio SCP411

1960 The Chad Mitchell Trio
(and The Gatemen)

Chad Mitchell, Mike Kobluk and Joe Frazier:
1961 Mighty Day On Campus KS3262

1962 At The Bitter End KS3281

1963 Blowin' In the Wind KS3313

1963 Singin' Our Mind SR60838

1964 Reflecting SR60891

1964 The Slightly Irreverent SR60944

1965 Typical American Boys SR60992

Joe Frazier, Mike Kobluk and John Denver:
1965 That's The Way It Gonna Be SR61049

1965 Violets Of Dawn SR61067

Mike Kobluk, John Denver and Michael Johnson:
1967 Alive! RS6258

Chad Mitchell, Joe Frazier, Mike Kobluk and John Denver:
1994 Mighty day - The Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion FE1422CD

1994 The Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion Part 2 FE1438CD

1996 An Evening With The Chad Mitchell Trio & Friends MR002

2008 The George Bush Society (single) GBS

2015 Farewell Concert CM3FC

Compilation albums and Reissues
1963 The Best Of KS-3334

1996 The Chad Mitchell Trio Collection VSD-5749

1996 The Very Best Of Chad Mitchell Trio 79494-2

1998 The Mercury Years  314 534 400-2

2003 Singing Our Mind

2003 The Slightly Irrevent
Typical American Boys

2003 That's The Way It Gonna Be
Violets Of Dawn
Solo albums with Chad Mitchell
1966 Himself WS1667

1967 Love, A Feeling Of WS1706

1968 Chad 6028

1991 Virgo Moon SCD-91590-2

2005 Himself & Love, a Feeling of FE1474CD
Chad Mitchell Trio also performs on this album:
1960 Belafonte Returns To Carnegie Hall LP: LSO6007
CD: yes
1998 "Mighty Day" Chad Mitchell Trio Reunion 45507-55513

2007 Then and Now 45507-10039