At The Bitter End

LP mono: Kapp KL1281
LP stereo: Kapp KS3281
CD: Folk Era FE3281CD
Reel to reel: Kapp KTL41045
Produced by: Bob Bollard
Direction and arrangements: Milt Okun
Guitar and banjo: Jim McGuinn
Guitar: Fred Hellerman
Bass: Bill Lee
Recording Engineer: Bob Simpson
A production of Belafonte Enterprises Inc.

A1 The John Birch Society # 2:49
A2 Hello Susan Brown (Two In The Middle) # 2:44
A3 The Unfortunate Man # 3:12
A4 Blues Around My Head # 2:51
A5 James James Morrison Morrison # 1:53
A6 The Great Historical Bum # 2:46
B1 Alberta # 2:35
B2 Golden Vanity # 2:41
B3 Moscow Nights # 2:31
B4 Come Along Home # 2:21
B5 You Can Tell The World # 2:30
B6 Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream # 2:05

Reel to reel tape KTL-41045