Jamaica Farewell

Words and Music by :  Irving Burgie

Recording #1 by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Nov 9, 1955 (14:00-17:00 & 18:00-21:00)
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio, New York City.
Master number: F2PB 7808 (F2PW-7808)
Playing time: 3:01
Producer: Edward O. Welker
Millard Thomas: guitar; Lord Burgess: guitar; Franz Casseus: guitar; Al Hall: bass; Norman Keenan: bass; Kelly Martin: drums.
78: POP-308
33-7": SRA-3,
45: 45POP-308, EPB-1248, 75-373, 20286, EPA-768
LP: LPM-1248, AYL1-3860CL83801
Tape: BP-48, P8S-1982, PK-1982
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Recording #2 by Harry Belafonte (single release)
Recording date: July 24, 1956, (12:30-16:30)
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
Master number: G2PB 4916-4
Playing time: 2:48
Producer: Henri Rene & Dennis Farnon
Will Lorin: leader; Antonio Villa: contractor; Millard Thomas: guitar; Franz Casseus: guitar; Phil Stevens: bass; Arnold Manchester: librarian percussion; Louis Singer: percussion; Hal S. Hidey: piano; Marjorie Call: harp; Attilo DePalma: french horn; Jack DuMont: saxophone; Victor Garber: saxophone; Alex Gershunoff: saxophone; Jules Jacob: saxophone; Wilbur Schwartz: saxophone; Francis L. Howard: trombone; Simon Zentner: trombone; Pete Candoli: trumpet; Harry E. Edison: trumpet; Conrad J. Gozzo: trumpet; Ennio Bolognini: cello; Joseph Reilich: viola; Victor Arno: violin; Israel Baker: violin; Jerome G. Kasin: violin; Gustave Rosseels: violin; Myron K. Sandler: violin; Marshall Sosson: violin.
78 : 20-6663, (New Zeeland version has master number G2PB-0552)
45 : 47-6663,
CD: BCD16262

Recording #3 by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: April 19-20, 1959
Playing time: 5:11
45: 6006-45, LPC-127
LP: LSO6006,
Tape: FTO6000, O8S-5002, OQ8-5002
CD: R30P-1001/2, RGMCD071

Recording #4 by Harry Belafonte
Performed by Harry Belafonte at
"En Gränslös Kväll På Operan"
Date: March 31, 1966 (LP: BEL-1)

Recording #5 by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: March 1974
Playing time:
LP: R4P-5054,

Recording #6 by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: 1988 live in Harare, Zimbabwe
Playing time: 4:30
Video: KV222
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Recording #7 by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: November 29-30, 1988
Playing time: 5:49
CD: 252723

Recording #8 by Harry Belafonte
Recording date:
Playing time: 6:44
CD: CD524384-2,
Video: VHS 440 046 807-3

Recording #9 by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: March 22, 2003
Playing time: 11:24
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Video: KV222

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Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top
I took a trip on a sailing ship
And when I reach Jamaica I made a stop

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Sounds of laughter everywhere
And the dancing girls swaying to and fro
I must declare, my heart is there
Tho' I've been from Maine to Mexico

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Down at the market you can hear
Ladies cry out while on their heads they bear
Ackey rice, salt fish are nice
And the rum is fine any time of year

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Lyrics for the Dutch version:

We zetten koers naar 'n ver vreemd land
Waar de gouden zon boven de bergen staat,
Ik zie wel veel, maar mijn hart doet pijn
Als ik Jamaica voor een tijd verlaat…..!

Ik ben zo alleen, zo heel alleen
Want ik mis iets moois om me heen
Mijn hart dat huilt, ik voel mij somber en down
Ik liet mijn meisje achter ginds, in Kingston-town

In elke havenstad lopen weer
Mooie meisjes met hun koopwaar op en neer
Het zijn bananen 't is vis en rijst
Maar ook de rum smaakt dikwijls nog naar meer

Er is plezier op de vaste wal
Want de meisjes dansen er tot middernacht
Al is Jamaica ook nog zo ver
Ik heb alleen nog mar aan jou gedacht