En Gränslös Kväll På Operan

Philips BEL 1

This recording was the result of a beneficiary concert for Martin Luther Kings Civil Rights Movement. The recording took place on the 31 of March 1966 (at 19.30 hrs) in the Royal Opera House in Stockholm, Sweden, and was aired live on Swedish, Danish and the Finnish television network.
The title of the album means in English "An evening without borders at the Opera House"

Availability: Very rare, Only released in the Scandinavian countries.
Contains the only recording of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" with Harry Belafonte.


NOTE: Songs marked with magenta are not on the record. They were only part of the live performance.
  (Look Over Yonder) 1:46
  (Roll On Buddy) 2:26
A1 Glory Manger # (Harry Belafonte) 4:30
A2 Speech by Martin Luther King    
A3 Brown Baby (Alice Babs)    
A4 (Gals And Pals)    
A5 Svartvit Calypso (Monica Zetterlund)    
B1 Where Have All The Flowers Gone # (Harry Belafonte) 4:44
  (Shake That Little Foot) (Harry Belafonte) 3:57
B2 Try To Remember # (Harry Belafonte) 4:13
  (Michael Row The Boat Ashore) (Harry Belafonte) 3:37
B3 Why Am I Treated So Bad (Esther Marrow)    
B5 Matilda # (Harry Belafonte with: Monica Zetterlund, Hans Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson) 7:02
  (Jamaica Farewell) (Harry Belafonte) 4:04

For an avid collector like me there is an interesting fact that during the short period this album was produced the label came in three different colors: