The Merrymen

Emile Straker - Lead Vocal, Guitar
Robin Hunte - Tenor Guitar, Electric Mandolin
Stephen Fields - Lead Guitar
Chris Gibbs - Bass Guitar
Robert Foster - Conga Drum, Percussion

This discography is dedicated to the memory of  my late friend Theo Wolters, who introduced me to the music of The Merrymen.

mars 24, 2023

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1962 Introducing The Merrymen  SCX6056

1966 Land Of The Sea And Sun MM001

1966 Fun In The Sun  MM004

1966 Just For You  MM005

1966 You Sweeten Me MM006

1967 The Merrymen Go From Dusk Till Dawn MM007

1967 Sing And Swing With The Merrymen MM010

1969 Merry Christmas MM011

19xx Beautiful Barbados MM012

19xx Colour It Calypso MM014

1964 Caribbean Treasure Chest MMS1015

1970 Standing Room Only MMS016

1964 The More The Merrier WIRL1020

19xx Sun Living MMS025

1973 Don't Stop The Carnival MMS1026

19xx Caribeat  T-6183

19xx Merry Moods MMS1029

1975 Barbados Memories MMS1033

1976 At The Caribbean Pepperpot MMS1034

1978 Sugar-Jam MMS1036
GL 555.074

1978 Jolly Roger Jump-up MMS1037

1980 Come To My Island MMS1038

1983 No Big Thing MMS1041

1990 Tropical Wave LP: MM1042
CD: yes

19xx The Best Of The Merrymen LP: MM1042
CD: yes

1989 Party Animal LP: MM1043

1991 Sweet Fun Days CD: MMCD1046

1992 Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD: MMCD1047

1997 The Merrymen Story Part 1 CD: CCD0045

1997 The Merrymen Story Part 2 CD: CCD0046

2002 Calypso and Island Songs CD: FCD1030

2002 Islands CD: MMCD1048

2004 Beautiful Barbados CD: MMCD1049