Belafonte At Carnegie Hall

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LP mono RCA LOC6006
LP stereo  RCA LSO6006
LP stereo RCA SLB10815 Australia
LP stereo RCA SR6006/1-2  Germany
LP Victor RA5107/5108 Japan
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LP mono RCA RD27151 UK excerpts
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45 rpm 12" RCA 6006-45 Special release
And on the CD box RGMCD071

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Produced by Bob Bollard
Recorded April 19-20, 1959
Orchestra conducted by Robert Corman. Musicians:
Millard Thomas, guitar, Ray Boguslav, guitar, Danny Barrajanos, congas, Norman Keenan, bass

RD27151 SVA1002
HS120 R4P-
A1a - - - A1 Introduction 1:28  
A1b A1 A1 - A1 Darlin' Cora # 3:14
A2 - - - - Sylvie # 4:54
A3 B3 B3 - A2 Cotton Fields # 4:20
A4 - - - - John Henry # 5:12
A5 - - - - Take My Mother Home # 5:03
B1 B1 B1 - A3 The Marching saints # 4:40
B2 - - - A4 Day'O # 3:41
B3 A3 A3 - A5 Jamaica Farewell # 5:11
B4 A4 A4 - - Man Piaba # 6:30
B5 - - - B2 All My Trials #2 3:52
C1 - - A1 B1 Mama Look A Boo Boo # 5:23
C2 A5 A5 A2 A6 Come Back Liza # 3:07
C3 - - A3 - Man Smart # 4:34
C4 B2 B2 A4 - Hava Nageela # 3:45
C5 - - A5 - Danny Boy # 5:26
C6 - - A6 B3 Merci Bon Dieu # 2:50
D1 2 A2 B1 - Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma # 7:02
D2 - - B2 - Shenandoah # 3:58
D3 B5 B5 B3 B4 Matilda # 13:00

The granddaddy of all live albums, this double-LP set captures the excitement of a Harry Belafonte concert at the height of his popularity. Sampled from two consecutive performances of identical material, Belafonte at Carnegie Hall was an anomaly at a time when only comedy albums were recorded outside of the studio environment. It wasn't the first live album ever made, but it was certainly the first to be a major financial and artistic success. It stayed on the best-selling album charts for over three years, and remained in print until RCA discontinued pressing LPs.

From the opening trumpet fanfare and brief orchestral overture to the epic 12-minute version of "Matilda" (which set a standard for audience participation), the album never lets up. It is exciting, poignant, thrilling, intimate, and at times, spontaneously hilarious. Belafonte's mastery in front of an audience was never better displayed than here, a mastery that has resulted in him becoming one of the most popular concert draws in history. Producer Bob Bollard and orchestra leader Bob Corman deftly integrated the 47-piece orchestra into the performance but knew when to lay back to let Belafonte sing, accompanied by a small combo of two guitars, bass, and percussion. The concert is divided in three sections: "Moods of the American Negro," "In the Caribbean," and "Around the World." All the hits are here: "Day O," "Jamaica Farewell," "Mama Look A Boo Boo," and others, plus calypso, folk songs, chain gang songs, spirituals, and songs from other lands, representing a veritable best-of package of his first decade with RCA Victor. For sheer scope and genius of performance, this is the quintessential Belafonte package. ~ Cary Ginell, All Music Guide

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