Belafonte Sings Of The Caribbean

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LP mono: RCA LPM1505
LP pseudostereo: RCA LPE1505
LP stereo RCA LSP1505
LP mono LPM1505 Argentina
LP RCA  APL1-0691 France
LP Victor LS5028 Japan
LP Victor RA5083 Japan
LP Victor SHP5103 Japan
LP RCA MKL1094 Mexico
LP RCA RC24005 UK 10"
Excerpts on EPB1505-1 and EPB1505-2
All songs are also on the album BCD16262
and on the CD box RGMCD006

CD DAYO-01 with extra studio tracks

Accompanied by Bob Corman and his Orchestra and Chorus.
Millard Thomas, Franz Casseus and Victor Messer on guitar.
Recorded at Webster Hall
Cover Photo: D. C. Gunn
Liner-notes: William Attaway

LS5028 RC24005      
A1 A1 B1 A1 Scratch, Scratch # 2:39
A2 A2 - A2 Lucy's Door # 3:43
A3 A3 - A3 Cordelia Brown # 2:53
A4 A4 B5 A4 Don't Ever Love Me # 2:46
A5 A5 - - Love, Love Alone # 3:19
A6 - B3 - Cocoanut Woman # 3:18
B1 B1 A1 B1 Haiti Cherie # 3:18
B2 B2 A2 B2 Judy Drownded # 3:28
B3 - A3 - Island In The Sun # 3:21

B4 B3 A4 B3 Angelique-O # 2:40

B5 B4


B4 Lead Man Holler # 4:18
- -


- Venezuela #    
- -


- I Do Adore Her # 2:47
- -


- Mama Look A Boo Boo #    
- A6 - - Acorn In The Meadow # 2:41
- B5 - - I'm Just A Country Boy # 3:03

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