In My Quiet Room

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LP mono RCA   LPM3571
LP stereo RCA LSP3571
Victor            SRA5047
First FL1310 (in orange vinyl)
Stereo8: P8S-1132
Reel to reel: TP3-5002

Recorded in 1966
Orchestra conducted by Howard A. Roberts.  
Arrangements by Hugo Montenegro.  
Musical coordinator: Bill Eaton.

A1 Quiet Room # 4:28
A2 Portrait Of A Sunday Afternoon # 3:15
A3 Raindrops # 2:33
A4 Our Time For Loving # 5:11
A5 The Honey Wind Blows # 3:40
B1 Girls In Their Summer Dresses # 3:45
B2 Long About Now # 4:24
B3 I'm Just A Country Boy # 3:43
B4 Summertime Love # 3:45
B5 Try To Remember # 4:04

FL1310 front

FL1310 back