Calypso In Brass

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LP mono RCA LPM3658
LP stereo RCA LSP3658
LP Victor SHP5579 Japan
LP RCA 740.664 France

Stereo8 RCA P8S-1186
Stereo8 RCA DRS1-0078
Reel to reel tape RCA TP3-5032

Recorded in 1966
Orchestra conducted by Howard A. Roberts.  
Arrangements by Bob Freedman.

A1 Jump In The Line # 4:20
A2 Jump And Bray Medley
Hold'em Joe/The Jack-Ass Song #
A3 Cocoanut Woman # 3:17
A4 Tongue Tie Baby # 4:07
A5 Zombie Jamboree # 3:14
B1 Sweetheart From Venezuela # 3:57
B2 Man Smart, Woman Smarter # 4:49
B3 Reincarnation # 3:20
B4 Judy Drownded # 3:07
B5 The Naughty Little Flea # 3:34
B6 Mama Look A Boo-Boo # 3:07


Stereo8-cassette: DRS1-0078

Reel to reel tape
RCA TP3-5032