Our Time For Loving

Words and Music by :  Fred Hellerman - Fran Minkoff

Recorded by Harry Belafonte on:
Recording date: 1966
Playing time: 5:11
LP : LSP3571, SDL003,
Tape: TP3-5002


I heard the weeping-willow's quiet laughter
I felt the gentle fingers of the sun
I touched your hand and knew the moment after
All of our time for loving had begun

I never knew the music of the thunder
Till in my own two arms I held you fast
Now all the world is throbbing with the wonder
All of our time for loving's here at last

It is raining, but raindrops never touch us as they fall
It is windy, it's funny I can't feel the wind at all
Must be magic and yet it's very easy to explain
Our love is a great big silk umbrella
Keeping out the wind and rain

So many dreams to share with one another
So many words just waiting to be said
So many things to learn about each other
All of our time for loving lays ahead