Porgy and Bess

LP mono   RCA LOP1507
LP stereo RCA LSO1507
LP mono   RCA LPM2019
LP stereo RCA LSP2019
LP RCA    RD27129
LP RCA    PJL1-8049
LP RCA    NL42998
LP Victor  SRA5094 Japan
EP RCA   EPA2019
CD          CD66115
R2R tape RCA EPS236

Arrangements and musical direction by Lennie Hayton and Robert Corman.
Recordings produced by Bob Bollard and Fred Reynolds.
Recorded in RCA Studio A Feb & March, 1959, NYC,   (except for 11 and 12)

LP CD    
A1 1 A Woman Is A Sometime Thing # (HB) 2:40
A2 2 Summertime (LH) 3:11  
A3 3 Oh I Got Plenty Of Nothin' (HB) 3:00
A4 10 I Wants To Stay Here # (LH) 3:30  
A5 5 Bess, You Is My Woman (HB & LH) 5:57
B1 6 It Ain't Necessarily So # (LH) 3:03  
B2 7 Street Calls: Strawberry Woman,
The Honey Man, Crab Man
B3 8 My Man's Gone Now (LH) 4:05  
B4 9 Bess, Oh Where's My Bess (HB) 3:36
B5 4 There's A Boat That's Leavin' Soon For New York (HB & LH) 2:37  
- 11 Will His Love Be Like His Rum # 2:32
- 12 Jump In The Line  #
( but it is called "Jump Down, Spin Around" on the cover !)

RD27129 front

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Reel to reel tape EPS-236