Johnny Mann Singers

Johnny Mann (30 August 1928 - 18 June, 2014) is best known for the thirty-nine albums he arranged and conducted for his Johnny Mann Singers resulting in five GRAMMY AWARD nominations and two GRAMMY AWARDS.

He was a composer, arranger, conductor, entertainer and recording star. His group of super-talented young singers appeared with him in Chevrolet’s weekly syndicated series, “STAND UP AND CHEER,” which enjoyed a three-year run on national TV and many tours around the country.
Johnny’s start in Hollywood was arranging scores for seven full-length motion pictures for Warner Brothers, Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Studios. He then became the choral director of the “NBC Comedy Hour,” which led to the formation of The Johnny Mann Singers and a record contract.

Along with being musical director of the original “Alvin and The Chipmunks” TV series, he sang the voice of “Theodore”. Mann has worked over the years with George Gobel, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Julie London, Steve Allen, and was Danny Kaye’s conductor on a twelve week tour.

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This discography is dedicated to the memory of my late friend Sune Walfridsson

Original Recordings
1956 Night LRP3021

1959 Alma Mater LST7134

1960 Roar Along With Singing 20's LST7149

1960 Swing Along With Singing 30's LST7156

1961 Ballads Of The King LST7198

1961 Great Band With Great Voices LSS14009

1962 Swing the Great Voices of Great Bands LSS14017

1962 Ballads Of The King Vol. 2 LST7217

1962 Golden Folk Song Hits LST7253

1963 Golden Folk Song Hits Vol. 2 LST7296

1964 Golden Folk Song Hits Vol. 3 LST7355

1964 Invisible Tears LST7387

1966 Beatle Ballad LST7391

1965 If I Loved You LST7411

1965 Roses And Rainbows LST7422

1966 I'll Remember You LST7436

1966 Daydream LST7447

1966 Countryside LST7476

1967 A Man And A Woman LST7490

1967 This Is My Country LST7505

1967 We Wish You A Merry Christmas LST7522

1967 We Can Fly LST7523

1967 Don't Look Back LST7535

1968 Love Is Blue LST7553

1968 This Guy's In Love With You LST7587

1969 Goodnight My Love LST7620

1973 So Proudly We Hail UA K0269
UA U8269

1973 Stand Up & Cheer EA-31954

1973 Superpak

1975 The Church's One Foundation LS-56561P

1975 The Four Freedoms LS-5682

1974 OuterSpace InnerSpace LS-5691

2000 Let the Games Begin 72435-29090-2

1978 Sing Andrae Crouch SAC

2002 Quiet Time QT

Compilation albums and Reissues
1966 Flowing Voices SUS-5115  

1966 Perfect Blend LST7483

19xx Heart Full Of Song SUS-5196

19xx At Our Best SUS5288

1968 Midnight Special SCR-3

1969 Golden LST7629  

197x Stand Up And Sing LS306A

2002 Invisible Tears
We Can Fly

2002 Great Band With Great Voices
Swing the Great Voices of Great Bands

  Nearer My God to Thee  

  We Wish You A Merry Christmas (LST7522)

  Best of the Johnny Mann Singers K-Tel 3381-2

2005 Sixties Mann ACMEM53CD