Boll Weevil

Words and Music by :  
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: 1968
Playing time:  6:07
CD: 99756

Also recorded by:
Bob Jones Singers M131, DEA1018    
Johnny Mann Singers LST-7253
Burl Ives DL8248, DL4390, CDL8008, BI-TLBI,
Norman Luboff Choir CL860, CL1179, COL6060
Blind Willy Metell      
Odetta AVRS-9117  
Pat Boone    


O, de Boll Weevil am a little black bug
Come from Mexico dey say
Come all the way to Texas
Just a-lookin' foh a place to stay
Jus´ a lookin' foh a home
Jus´ a lookin' foh a home

Foh de first time I seen de boll weevil
He was a settin' on de square
De next time I seen de boll weevil 
He had all of his family dere
Jus´a lookin´foh a home 
Jus´a- lookin´foh a home

Well the farmer take the boll weevil 
And he put him in de hot old san´
De boll weevil say
Dis is mighty hot but I´ll stan´it like a man
Dis´ll be my home
Dis´ll be my home

De farmer take de boll weevil
An´ he put him in a lump of ice
De weevil say to de farmer
Dis is mighty cool and nice
Dis´ll be my home
Dis´ll be my home

Oh have you heard the latest
De latest of de songs
It´s about dem little Boll Weevils
Dey´s picked up bofe feet an´gone
Jus´a lookin´foh a home
Jus´a lookin´foh a home