Junior Choice

MCA records CDL8008
Music For Pleasure MFP 50446

Compiled from the albums below.

A1 I Know An Old Lady # (DL4390)  
A2 Molly Malone (DL5490)  
A3 Horace The Horse (DL8587)  
A4 Whistling Rabbit (DL8587)  
A5 Polly Wolly Doodle # (DL4390)    
A6 Medley:
- Big Rock Candy Mountain #
- Aunt Rhody #
- The Fox #
A7 Ballad Of Davy Crockett (DL4390)    
A8 What Kind Of Animal Are You (DL4390)    
B1 The Blue Tail Fly # (DL4390)  
B2 Medley:
- Woolie Boogie Bee
- Hush Little Baby
- Boll Weevil #
B3 Three Jolly Huntsmen # (DL4390)  
B4 The Squirrel (DL8587)  
B5 Riddle Song (DL4390)    
B6 Mr Frog # (DL8080)    
B7 The Monkey And The Elephant (DL8587)  
B8 The Man On The Flying Trapeze (DL4390)