DeCormier Singers

DeCormier Singers was a group of singers conducted by Robert DeCormier (Bob Corman). The members of the group varied over the years. I know that on the Command albums there are some members from the former Belafonte Folk Singers.  Here are some of the names that are found on the  Command albums:

Updated :
mars 24, 2023

Some of the singers:
(not valid for the ABQ6527)
Martin Ambrose
Cathy Brown
Joe Crawford
Cortez Franklin
Douglas Franklin
Lee Harper
Bob Harter - Bass
Vivian Martin
Vicky Morgan
Geraldine Rhoads
Gretchen Rhoads - Soprano
John Wheeler

(not valid for the ABQ6527)
Bobby Byrne - Celeste
Al Casamenti - Guitar
Bob Haggart - Bass
Osie Johnson - Glockenspiel
Tommy Kay - Guitar
Tony Mottola - Classical Guitar
Bobby Rosengarden - Percussion
Irving Schackner - Harmonica
Eric Weissberg - Banjo

DeCormier Chorale - Folk Songs and  Legends of American Rivers
20th Fox

DeCormier Chorale - Abe, the Rail Splitter
20th Fox

1963 The Robert DeCormier Folk Singers Audio clips available RS853SD

1964 Dance Gal - Gimme The Banjo Audio clips available RS865SD

1965 Heritage Audio clips available RS884SD

1966 The Folk Album Audio clips available RS897SD

1967 Walking In The Sunshine Audio clips available RS916SD

1973 Greensleeves Plus 20 Audio clips available
(Compilations of earlier Command albums)

1986 Children Go Where I Send Thee (Christmas Songs) Audio clips available LP: ABQ6527
CD: Z6527

1988 The Man On The Flying Trapeze Audio clips available CD: Z6588

1996 Oh! You Beautiful Doll Audio clips available CD: Z6675