The Man On The Flying Trapeze

Arabesque ABQ-6588
The Robert DeCormier Singers:
Maureen Haley, Katie Geissinger, Louise DeCormier, Susan Glass, David Dusing, Richard Scott, Lloyd Thompkins, Philip Sneed.

1 Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay!  
2 The Sidewalks Of New York  
3 Aura Lee  
4 Ol' Dan Tucker  
5 Grandfather's Clock  
6 I Guess I'll Have To Telegraph My Baby  
7 The Flying Trapeze  
8 Fosterama:
- Ring The Banjo
- Gentle Annie
- Some Folks
- Camptown Races
9 The Moth And The Flame  
10 I'd Leave My Happy Home For You  
11 There Is A Tavern In Your Town  
12 Daisy Bell  
13 Beautiful River  
14 Sweet Rosie O'Grady  
15 Johnny Get Your Gun  
16 Hello! My Baby  
17 The Band Played On