Hugh Masekela

4 April 1939 - 23 january 2018

Hugh Masekela had an extensive jazz background and credentials, but has enjoyed major success as one of the earliest leaders in the world fusion mode. Masekela's vibrant trumpet and flugelhorn solos have been featured in pop, R&B, disco, Afropop and jazz contexts. He's had American and international hits, worked with bands around the world, and played with African, African-American, European and various American musicians during a stellar career. His style, especially on flugelhorn, is a charismatic blend of striking upper register lines, half valve effects, repetitive figures and phrases, with some note bending, slurs and tonal colors. ...MORE

Update : mars 24, 2023

Many thanks to Mabusha Masekela who kindly has supplied me with most of the information below.

Originals LPs and CDs
1961 Trumpet Africaine ST91610

1964 Hugh Masekela's Next Album SE-4415

1966 The Emancipation Of Hugh Masekela 73007

1966 grrr...Hugh Masekela MG21109

1967 Hugh Masekela's Latest 73010

1967 Hugh Masekela Is Alive And Well At The Whiskey A-Go-Go 73015

1968 The Promise Of A Future  73028/
MCAD 22077

1968 The Lasting Impression Of Hugh Masekela
(On CD as The Lasting Impression of Ooga-Booga)

1968 Masekela 73041

1969 Reconstruction CS803

1969 Hugh Masekela & The Union Of South Africa LP:CS808

1972 Home Is Where The Music Is
The African Connection

1973 Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz BTS62

1974 I Am Not Afraid BTS6015

1975 The Boy's Doin' It 557403-2

1976 Colonial Man NBLP-7023

1976 Melody Maker NBLP-7036

1977 You  Told Your Mama Not To Worry NBLP-7079

1977 Grazing In The Grass UPF-195

1978 Herb Alpert & Hugh Masekela SP-728

1978 Main Event Live Herb Alpert & Hugh Masekela  SP4727

1984 Technobush 656.057

1984 African Breeze (with Jonathan Butler) T173

1985 Waiting For The Rain 6.26155AP

1987 Hugh Masekela with Kalahari: Tomorrow 1-25566

1987 Bring Him Back Home U8466T

1988 Uptownship 63070-2

1989 Live In Lesotho  

1992 Beatin' Aroun De Bush 63136-2

1993 Hope TR8023

1996 Notes Of Life  484450-2

1997 Black To The Future 489477-2

1999 Sixty 495227-2

2000 South Africa's Jazz Legend
Hugh Masekela
Homecoming Concert
DVD 107

2002 Time 508295-2

2002 Live At The BBC 302 061 197-2

2002 Time CDCOL8198

2002 Tsepotshola - A New Dawn CDCOL8209

2005 Revival Chisa

2005 Almost Like Being In Jazz Heads Up

2007 Live At The Market Theatre Chisa

2008 Phola Gallo

Compilation LPs and CDs
1968 24 Karat Hits (S4372 and SE-4415) V6-651-2

1994 Stimela VSOP CD-200

1995 African Breeze MOCD-3013

1996 Lasting Impressions Of Ooga Booga 531630-2

1999 Best Of Hugh Masekela 68714-2

1999 Liberation - The Best Of Hugh Masekela 0523592

2001 Hugh Masekela's Greatest Hits 498266-2


Grazing In The Grass - The Best Of Hugh Masekela


45 rpms
1984 Motlalepula

Hugh Masekela also performs on the following album:
1995 Johannesburg AN-0102-2