The Son Of Mary
(Greensleeves or What Child is This)

Words and Music by :  Trad.

Recorded by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: May 27, 1958
Master number: J2PB-1184, J2PY-4832-3
Playing time: 3:21
78 : 1084
45 : RCX-122, EPA-9649, SS-1376,
LP : LPM-1887, LSP-2626, DRL1-0068, CCSLP-186
Tape: KNS1-0166
CD: CD2626-2-R, 751187, ND89018RGMCD006

Also recorded by:    
Brothers Four SWCD1001    
Burl Ives DL5428, DL8391,  
Glenn Yarbrough (What Child Is This) FE1705CD  
Norman Luboff Choir CL926COL6061


What child is this who laid to rest
On Mary’s lap a sleeping
Who angels greet with voices sweet
While shepherds watch are keeping

This, this is Christ the king
Who shepherds guard and angels sing
Haste, haste to bring him praise
The son the babe of Mary

So bring him incense gold and myrrh
Come peasant king to praise Him
The king of kings a glory brings
Let loving hearts enthrone Him

Raise, raise the song on high
Let singing fill the earth and sky
Joy, joy for Christ is born
The babe the son of Mary