Hallelujah I Love Her So

Words and Music by :  Ray Charles

Recorded by Harry Belafonte on:
45 : 47-9406, 61-9257, 61-8513, EPA-4263, EPA-9648
LP : LSP1972, SM3925, CL42216, MP666001FPL2-7100, 32001, 11-701, 341990, 6187331,
Tape: CPS-118, TP3-5063
CD: 07863-56877-2, B93001, CD97032, GOLD-072, SACD1203, CD036, MARC1054, ARMCD019, 97545, GSS5336, 82876-66951-2, RGMCD006

Also recorded by:
Ray Charles  
Monica Zetterlund (in Swedish) Columbia SEGS-64  
Rock Ragge (in Swedish)    


Let me tell you ‘bout a girl I know
She is my baby and she lives next door
Every morning ‘fore the sun comes up
She brings my coffee in my fav’rite cup
So I know, yes I know
Hallelujah I just love her so

When I’m in trouble and I have no friend
I know she’ll go with me until the end
Ev’rybody asks me how I know
I smile and tell them she told me so
That’s why I know, yes, I know
Hallelujah I just love her so

If I call her on the telephone
And tell her that I’m all alone
By the time I count from one to four,
I hear her on my door
In the evening when the sun goes down
When there is nobody else around
She kisses me and she holds me tight
Tells me ev’ry thing will be alright
So why I know, yes I know
Hallelujah I just love her so