Burl Ives

LP stereo Spoken Arts Inc. SA3003

Box with 6 LPs and a text book


Record 1 - Tales For Singing - Our English Inheritance
A1 The Gallows Tree    
A2 The Keys Of Canterbury    
A3 Billy Boy    
A4 My Boy Willie    
A5 The Wee Cooper o'Fife    
A6 Three Crows    
A7 Barbara Allen    
A8 Sweet Kitty Klover    
A9 Mr Froggie Went a-Courting    
B1 Edward    
B2 Waly Waly    
B3 Gypsy's Wedding Day    
B4 Lily Munro    
B5 Widdicomb Fair    
B6 How Happy The Soldier    
B7 One Morning In May    
B8 Two Maidens Went Milking    

Record 2 - News Ballads: Reporting the American Revolution & the War of 1812
A1 Captain Kidd    
A2 The Escape of Old John Webb    
A3 Free America    
A4 The Boston Tea Tax    
A5 The Ballad of the Tea Party    
A6 Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier    
A7 The Riflemen's Song at Benningham    
A8 The Battle of Saratoga    
A9 Sir Peter Parker    
A10 Cornwallis Country Dance    
B1 The Yankee Man-O-Var    
B2 High Barbaree    
B3 The Constitution and the Guerriere    
B4 The Hornet and the Peacock    
B5 Ye Parliaments of England    
B6 Patriotic Diggers    
B7 Hunters of Kentucky    

Record 3 - Traveling Songs: Sailing Free & Adventuring West
A1 Home Boys Home    
A2 Shenandoah    
A3 Song of the Fishers    
A4 Blow Ye Winds    
A5 Greenland Fisheries    
A6 Rollin' Home    
A7 Blow the Man Down    
B1 Sacramento    
B2 A Ripping Trip    
B3 Ox Driver's Song    
B4 The Hand Cart Song    
B5 Sweet Betsy From Pike    
B6 Come Yourselves and See    
B7 The Shady Old Camp    
B8 Joe Bowers    

Record 4 - Heart Songs: American Folk Creations
A1 Lolly Tu Dum    
A2 Down in the Valley    
A3 The Sow Took the Measles    
A4 Old Bangam    
A5 Mr Rabbit    
A6 Hush Little Baby    
A7 Sourwood Mountain    
A8 Old Blue    
A9 Poor Little Turtle Dove    
A10 Careless Love    
B1 John Henry    
B2 Buckeye Jim    
B3 The Leather-Winged Bat    
B4 Cotton-Eyed Joe    
B5 Darlin' Cory    
B6 Turkey in the Straw    
B7 I'm Goin' Away    
B8 Needless Eye    
B9 Go In and Out the Window    
B10 Saturday Night and Sunday Too    
B11 Frankie and Johnny    

Record 5: Popular Songs: Music Hall & Battlefield 1800-1865
A1 Unfortunate Miss Bailey    
A2 The Pesky Sarpint (On Springfield Mountain)    
A3 Long, Long Ago    
A4 Ben Bolt    
A5 Oh, You New York Girls    
A6 The Blue Tail Fly    
A7 Uncle Ned    
A8 Darlin' Nelly Gray    
A9 Wake Nicodemus    
A10 The Abolitionist Hymn    
B1 Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen    
B2 John Brown    
B3 The Battle Cry of Freedom    
B4 Just Before the Battle Mother    
B5 Tramp Tramp tramp    
B6 When Johnny Comes Marching Home    
B7 All Quiet Along the Potomac    
B8 Goober Peas    
B9 The Bonnie Blue Flag    
B10 Little Brown Jug    
B11 Grandfather's Clock    

Record 6: The Big Country, Cowboys, Indians, Badmen
A1 The Roving Gambler    
A2 Billy the Kid    
A3 Jesse James    
A4 John Hardy    
A5 Midnight Special #    
A6 Sioux Indians    
A7 Patrick on the Railroad    
A8 The Utah Iron Horse    
A9 What Was Your Name in the States    
A10 The Lavender Cowboy    
A11 The Cowboys Lament (Streets of Laredo)    
B1 The Old Chisholm Trail    
B2 Old Paint    
B3 Git Along Little Dogies    
B4 Oh Susanna    
B5 Green Grow the Lilacs    
B6 Little Old Sod Shanty    
B7 The Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn    
B8 Home on the Range    
B9 Red River Valley    
B10 Big Rock Candy Mountain    
B11 Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad