Marilyn Child & Glenn Yarbrough

Elektra EKL-143
Guitar accompaniments by Fred Hellerman

A1 We Come For To Sing    
A2 Wee Cooper o' Fife #    
A3 Lilli-I-O    
A4 Bound For The Promised Land    
A5 Weel Man The Keel Row    
A6 Poor Wayfaring Stranger #    
A7 Nickety Jack    
A8 Three Jolly Sailor Boys    
A9 Gently Johnny, My Jingalo    
B1 Mary Had A Baby    
B2 New York Girls    
B3 Red River Valley #    
B4 An Irish Fragment    
B5 Buffalo Boy    
B6 Who Killed Cock Robin #    
B7 Now, Let Me Fly    
B8 Everywhere I Look This Morning