It's A Mighty World

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LP mono RCA LPM2792
LP stereo RCA LSP2792
Reel to reel tape RCA FTP1234
Bruce Langhorne - Guitar
Leslie Grinage - Bass

A1 It's A Mighty World 2:22  
A2 I've Been Told 2:40  
A3 Reminiscing 2:23  
A4 Hush Hush Mamie 2:25  
A5 Camphorated Oil 1:35  
A6 Bull Jine Run (Clear The Track) # 2:10  
B1 Come a Lady´s Dream 1:49  
B2 Sweet Potatoes 2:03  
B3 Chevrolet 2:45  
B4 Love Proved False (Waly, Waly) # 4:25  
B5 One Man's Hand # 3:58  
B6 Got My Mind on Freedom 4:00