The New Christy Minstrels


LP mono: Columbia CL1872
LP stereo: Columbia CS8672
Reel to reel tape: Columbia CQ514

Available as part of CD CCM-347-2
The members on this album are:
Randy Sparks, Peggy Connelly, Jackie Miller, Art Podell, Larry Ramos, Clarence Treat, Barry McGuire, Barry Kane, Nick Woods and Dolan Ellis

A1 This Land Is Your Land # 2:12
A2 Deep Blue Sea # 3:09
A3 Don't Cry Suzanne 2:41
A4 The Cotton Pickers' Song # 2:40
A5 The Big Rock Candy Mountain 1:20
A6 Oh! Shenandoah # 2:26
A7 Whistle 1:14
B1 Railroad Bill 2:12
B2 Californio 2:08
B3 I Know Where I'm Going # 2:35
B4 Springfield Fair 2:09
B5 In The Pines 2:27
B6 Wellingbrook Well 2:23
B7 900 Miles # 2:25