When I've Passed On

Words and Music by : William Salter
Arranged and adapted by:
Publisher:  Antisia Music

Recording #1 by Miriam Makeba:
Recording date: Sept, 13, 1965
Recorded at: RCA Victor's Studio A, New York
Playing time: 4:03
LP: LSP3512, ,
CD: CD-2843,

Recording #2 by Miriam Makeba
Recording date: February 3, 1966
Recorded at: Berns Salonger, Stockholm, Sweden
Playing time: 4:43

Recording #3 by Miriam Makeba
Recording date: 1967 (Live)
Playing time: 4:10
LP: RS6253
CD: COL-CD-2855

Raptured is a man who is born, poor in every way
He will live on promises 'til his dying day
Freedom from life is the only reward for me
That's why I say
High on the mountain side
That's where my soul shall bide
No markings for my grave
When I've passed on

Deep in my slumberland far from the sins of man
No heartache will I know
When I've passed on
When my trials are over
And I'm stripped of all my wells
I'll be free from my mortal and worldly care
When all is said and done
Who'll share the prize I've won
Whos heart will weep and mourn
When I've passed on
When I've passed on