Words and Music by :  Avery Robinson

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Aug 18, 1955 (09:00-12:30)
Master number: F2PB-5810-2
Playing time: 3:42
Producer: Henri Rene
Tony Scott: leader; David Klein: contractor; Millard Thomas: guitar; James Hall: guitar; Eugene Wright: bass, Irv Kluger: drums; Carlos Vidal: bongo; Modesto Doran Martinez: conga; Frank Guerrero: timbali; John F. Williams Jr.:piano; Buddy Collette: saxophone; James Giuffre: saxophone; Harry Klee: saxophone; E. C. Shank: saxophone; Herbert Stewart: saxophone; John Haliburton: trombone; Edward "Eddie Kusby" Kuczborski: trombone; Simon Zentner: trombone; Marion Childers: trumpet; Conti Condoli: trumpet; Maynard Ferguson: trumpet

45 : 47-6789, 20115, DJ-84, EPA-695, DJ-84, SPD-24, 7EG825975-517,
LP : LPM1150, 430.213, RCS3235, SDL003,
Tape: CP-10
CD: WMCD5643, 1130-15250-2, CD90224, BCD16262, RGMCD006

Also recorded by:
Odetta AVRS90218345, LSO-6007, CD12518,
Tape: FTO-6002
Paul Robeson    
Valentine Pringle LSP2749


Waterboy, where are you hiding
If you don't come right here
Gonna tell you pa on you
There ain't no hammer
That's on a this mountain
That ring like mine boy
That ring like mine

I'm gonna bust this rock boy
From here to the Macon
All the way to the jail boy
All the way to the jail

You Jack Žo diamond
Jack Žo diamond
Know you of old boy
I know you're of old
You rob-a my pocket
Rob my pocket
Silver and gold boy
Of silver and gold
There ain't no sweat boy
That's on a this mountain
That run like mine boy
That run like mine