The Waiting Game

Words and Music by :  

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: May 23, 1958
Playing time: 3:08
78 : 20-7289, 1103
45 : 47-7289, RCA-1103
LP : PL43683, PL45317,


Her eyes were the loveliest cornflower blue
So bright and so kind and so honest and true
But I like a fool didn’t know what to do
When she said she wanted my love

Why did I play the waiting game, the waiting game
I lost the one I adore
Though she made my heart sing
Somehow we never married in spring
Oh what was I waiting for

Now since we’ve been parted the others I meet
Would still ask for more
With the world at their feet
But she was so kind and so gentle and sweet
And all she wanted was love

When ever I’m restless with somebody new
I run for a mile and then here’s what I do
I dream of those eyes that were cornflower blue
And how she just wanted my love