Only One Like Me

Words by: C. J. Norwood
Music by : John Benson Brooks
Publisher: ASCAP 1951

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: late 1950
Master number: JR4448
Playing time: 2:39
Producer Jack Rollins
Arranger: Fred Norman
With The Belafonte Singers
78 : Jubilee
45 : EP5006
LP : CXS-203, CXS-115, DEA-1018, OX-3012, UTS-154
CD: BCD16262, 32303, GSS5336, 7843, PLATCD-759, GSS-5381,


You better listen, you better listen
You better listen, you better listen

As I was walking thru the woods one day
I saw a strange man walking on his way
I stopped him to talk awhile and hear his story told
And as he talked this story did he unfold
My daddy was an oak tree, my mama was a deer
I was born one morning in the Spring of the year
I cut me out a heart from yellow daffodil
My feet are made of dust from the road o’er the hill
When I weep my tears are deep
Deep enough to fill the sea
I’m a lonesome man ‘cause there’s only one like me
Yes there’s only one like me
What an awful, awful fate to be one of a kind
No matter where you roam
You may never ever find all your natural peace of mind
And never find a home