Mango, Cocoanut, Sugar Cane

Words and Music by :  Ralph MacDonald
Arranged and adapted by:

Recorded by Harry Belafonte on:
LP : LSP4521, ADEH28, HB7015,
CD: RMB75089, GSS5153


If you ever take a vacation
There's a place that's quite a sensation
Yes we call it Trinidad
Lord it almost drove me mad
From the time I 'wake in the morning
I could tell a great day was dawning
Hear a vender in the street
Selling juicy things to eat

It was Mango, coconut, sugar cane
Lord me belly in pain
I said Mango, coconut, sugar cane
Driving me insane

In the market place I went walking
Everybody laughing and talking
Where you barging for a prize
And you wind up paying pies
When I shopped around for some punchy
Smelling all the food I went hungry
Had a taste for something sweet
So I stop awhile to eat

Walking down the beach really lazy
Women start to driving me crazy
So I jump into the sea
Thought that was the place to be
While I'm swimming round in the ocean
Saw a woman's body in motion
Then and there I make me plan
Took the woman by she hand

In the evening we went out dancing
Held her close and started romancing
Listen to the steel band play
Bing bong till the break of day
Drinking rum that night I got naughty
She said Harry not till we marry
Now I pass me life's complete
Every night I get the treat