I Still Get A Thrill

Words and Music by :  J. Fred Coots - Benny Davis

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: Dec 20,  1949
Master number: 4324-3
Playing time: 2:40
Producer Monte Kay
Pete Rugolo and his orchestra

78 : Capitol F1018
45 : EAP1-619, 45-CL14312,
CD: BCD16262, 32303, GSS5336, 7843, PLATCD-759,


Because I still get a thrill thinking of you
And I still feel your lips kissing me too
Although our love-affair wasn't to be
I wonder if you care, care about me

I still remember that night under the moon
I recall that it all ended to soon
I can't believe you're gone
Memories linger on
'Cause I still get a thrill thinking of you