Elegant Donkey (Jackass)

Words and Music by :  Ralph MacDonald

Recorded by Harry Belafonte:
Recording date: 1971
Playing time: 3:07
LP : LSP4521


I was walking down the road one day
When I pass a horse and a fat donkey
I overheard the donkey say
She was a movin' up in society
Seem she merry common law
To a donkey man but he had no class
She wanted to make a baby but
Not if the father was an ass

The ways of the world are very strange
Laws and pagan never change
The elegant donkey wanted class
That's why they call she jack-ass
Jack-ass, Jack-ass, Jack-ass

Well it happen in the early Spring
When the circus came she went to see
Got to know an elephant 
A little too intimately
Oh the elephant ask please merry me
The donkey agree oh pity she
It's too late now to change she mind
She's in society

Well now my friends the baby born
Half donkey, half elephant
And if you see the mother now
She's only got embarrassment
Say de baby is elite
Not a common ass as it should be
And when it walking down the street
The tail ain't where it ought to be