Eden Was Just Like This

Words and Music by :  Kennedy - Lord Burgess

Recorded by Harry Belafonte
Recording date: July 26, 1956, (12:30-16:00)
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood.
Master number: G2PB 4919
Playing time: 2:59
Producer: Henri Rene & Dennis Farnon
Will Lorin: leader; Antonio Villa: contractor/clarinet; Millard Thomas: guitar; Franz Casseus: guitar; Mike Ruben: bass; Arnold Manchester: librarian percussion; Louis Singer: percussion; Hal S. Hidey: piano; Marjorie Call: harp; Attilo DePalma: french horn; Herman Berardinelli: saxophone; Al Franzella: saxophone; Victor Garber: saxophone; Dale Isenhuth: saxophone; Paul McLarand: saxophone; Wilbur Schwartz: saxophone; Dick DeMaio: trombone; Simon Zentner: trombone; Harry E. Edison: trumpet; Uan Rasey: trumpet; Joseph Triscari: trumet; Ennio Bolognini: cello; Joseph Reilich: viola; Israel Baker: violin; Jerome G. Kasin: violin; Sol Kindler:violin; Robert Levine: violin; Gustave Rosseels: violin; Albert Saparoff: violin.

78 : 1022
45 : RCX-103, EPC-1402-3, RPX-1022, A72V0126,
LP : LPM1402
CD: PDC2-1060, BCD16262, RGMCD006

Also recorded by:
Nina & Frederik - Metronome MEP1148, HLP-10032


Sun touches earth like a lover's kiss
Sky and ocean are joined in bliss
Allís well and nothing can be amiss
And I know that Eden was just like this

Ah woman and man, that make happiness grow
Standing hand in hand
As it was in Eden, new life revealin'
My heart is pleading for long ago.

Lovers were meant to live heart to heart
Not created to be apart
From the very start, it was planned for bliss
Back in Eden and Eden was just like this.

Nobody fighting and no one kill
Everybody loving and always will
No strife, no storm, no animosity
Like paradise it will always be