Wayfaring Stranger

LP mono Columbia CL628
LP stereo Columbia CS9041

A compilation of the albums:
CL6058, CL6109, and CL6144

A1 Leather-Winged Bat (CL6109)    
A2 Cotton-Eyed Joe (CL6109)    
A3 Sweet Betsy From Pike # (CL6109)    
A4 On Top Of Old Smokey # (CL6109)  
A5 I Know Where I'm Going # (CL6109)    
A6 I Know My Love (CL6109)    
A7 Cowboy's Lament # (CL6109)  
A8 Wee Cooper o' Fife # (CL6109)    
A9 Riddle Song (CL6109)    
A10 Tam Pierce (CL6109)    
A11 Robin He Married (CL6144)    
A12 Lavender Cowboy # (CL6144)    
A13 Green Broom (CL6144)    
B1 Peter Gray (CL6109)    
B2 Darlin' Cory # (CL6109)    
B3 John Hardy (CL6058)    
B4 Colorado Trail # (CL6058)    
B5 Rovin' Gambler # (CL6058)    
B6 Bonnie Wee Lassie (CL6058)    
B7 The Devil and the Farmer (CL6058)    
B8 On Springfield Mountain # (CL6058)    
B9 Little Mohee (CL6058)    
B10 Troubadour Song (CL6058)    
B11 High Barbaree (CL6144)    
B12 I've Got No Use For The Women (CL6144)    
B13 I Ride An Old Paint # (CL6144)