Belafonte Sings Of Love

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LP mono: RCA LPM3938
LP stereo: RCA LSP3938
LP mono RCA RD7963 UK
LP stereo: SF7963
Reel to reel: TP3-5063
Q8: P8S-1317

For some reason there are two versions of the covers.

Recorded in 1968

A1 By The Time I Get to Phoenix # 2:46
A2 Annie-Love # 3:30
A3 Sleep Late, My Lady Friend # 2:15
A4 Once In My Lifetime # 2:56
A5 You Time # 2:45
A6 In The Beginning # 2:43
B1 A Day In The Life Of A Fool # (Maņa De Carnaval) 2:15
B2 When Spring Comes Around # 3:15
B3 In The Name Of Love # 2.32
B4 The First Day Of Forever # 2:15
B5 Each Day (I Look For Yesterday) # 1:53