Sing Of Our Times

LP mono: Columbia CL2128
LP stereo: Columbia CS8928
Japan LP: SONP50408 (1971)
CD: CCM-397-2 (with CS-9105)
April 1964

A1 Long Ago, Far Away 2:23
A2 Seven Daffodils # 2:44
A3 The Monkey And The Engineer 2:09
A4 Tomorrow Is A Long Time # 3:21
A5 Spring Hill Mine Disaster # 2:59
A6 Dance Me A Jig 3:04
B1 Take This Hammer # 2:58
B2 Four Strong Winds # 2:43
B3 Beans Taste Fine 2:49
B4 Ballad Of Moreton Bay 2:46
B5 Plane Wreck At Los Gatos 4:20
B6 Daddy Roll 'Em 2:17