How The West Was Won

RCA mono LPM9889

  Side 1:    
1 Shenandoah Bing Crosby  
2 Bound For The Promised Land Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney  
3 En Roulant Ma Boule Roulant Jack Halloran Singers  
4 Lupita Divina Tarrytown trio  
5 Crossing The Plains Bing & Rosemary  
6 Sweet Betsy From Pike Rosemary Clooney  
7 Ox Driving Song Jimmie Driftwood  
8 Buffalo Gals Bing & Rosemary  
9 Will You Come To The Bower Bing Crosby  
10 What Was Your Name In The States Jimmie Driftwood  
11 California Ball Rosemary Clooney  
12 When I Went Off To Prospect Bing Crosby  
  Side 2:    
1 Green Grow The Lilacs Bing & Rosemary  
2 A Railroadre's Bride I'll Be Rosemary Clooney  
3 900 Miles Bing Crosby  
4 Jesse James Jimmie Driftwood  
5 Billy The Kid Jimmie Driftwood  
6 Skip To My Lou Bing & Rosemary  
7 Careless Love Rosemary Clooney  
8 Streets Of Laredo Bing Crosby  
9 Down By The Brazos Sam Hinton  
10 Git Along Little Dogies Bing Crosby  
11 Buckskin Joe Bing Crosby  
12 Red River Valley Bing Crosby